• Mountain Workshops

    By Laura Grace

    The past week has been one of the best this year. I went to a Mountain Workshops, trepidatious and unsure of what to expect. I had assignments fall through and was unsure of what i would end up with.  I received a new assignment of Goldfinch Farm. I had no idea what to expect when I setup a time to go and meet Carla and her family. Despite their hesitation with being subjects they opened every door for me. They never changed their behavior me or were  really aware of the camera. And they were so incredibly open with sharing their lives and the stories. I feel such an intense connection to this family and their land, how could that all happen in 5 days? Our farewell was teary and I left with hand-drawn notes and chicken feathers. I'm proud of this body of work, of what it says about this family; but most of all in proud of this connection I had with perfect strangers that ended as friends. 

    To see the whole story you can view the album here.